Many individuals seek therapy to help them with their relationship life. You may wish to come to therapy to process a break-up, explore difficulties with forming and/or sustaining intimate relationships, or to work through sex and physical intimacy problems. You may be about to get married or move in with a partner and have some anxiety about this. It could be that you are in an unhappy relationship and your partner does not want to come to therapy, but you want to do what you can to work on it even though therapy is not an option for you to do together.
Learning about yourself as a partner – drawing on the therapeutic relationship as a tool for insight – can be very powerful and reap positive benefits not just in your romantic relationship but also in your friend and familial relationships.

Reasons for individuals seeking relationship therapy include:

Struggles with dating, forming new relationships
Commitment difficulties
Loss of intimacy and sexual desire
Confusion around gender or sexuality
Repeating destructive relationship patterns
Coping with the impact of long-term illness or retirement
Escalating or circular arguments
Coping with a break-up or relationship break-down
Divorce and separation
Parenting issues, including co-parenting when separated

Getting Started

As with couples, my initial focus is on gaining an in-depth understanding of you and the difficulties and/or dilemmas that are troubling you.
We will think together about the outcomes you want and the changes (internal and external) you need to make to get there.
If you feel I could be the right fit for you, and you would like to arrange a consultation to discuss your situation and how psychotherapy can help you, please get in touch.
Relationships are not a one-way mirror, if we dare to look, we get to see ourselves