Frequently Asked Questions


Sessions are weekly for 50 minutes either online or in-person, usually on the same day and at the same time each week. It is preferable to maintain consistency and work with a fixed day and time when possible.  Attending regular sessions is an important part of the therapeutic process.

Whilst typically I do not set an end date to therapy, I do recognise that for some clients, for different reasons, it is preferable to have an ending date in mind.

Whether our work together is open ended or time limited, in my experience it works well to have periodic reviews about how the work is going, and to discuss first any decisions about stopping sessions or taking a break rather than ending the therapy abruptly.


The fee for ongoing, regular sessions is £100 for individuals and £125 for couples.

As part of my therapeutic practice, I see a (limited) number of clients on low incomes at a reduced fee. This is discussed at the consultation session.

The fee for the initial 75-minute consultation is £125 for individuals and £175 for couples. The consultation is a longer session than the regular ongoing sessions as there is usually quite a lot to discuss. Should we agree to a further session before committing to work together this will be for 50 minutes and at the regular session rate.

Once we make the decision to start working together in regular therapy, you will be invoiced monthly at the beginning of the month for the weeks ahead.

What to Expect

A key priority for me in how I work is that I provide a non-judgemental and supportive space where you feel safe and accepted. 

That is not to say you won’t ever experience discomfort or sorrow. Learning things about ourselves we would rather not know, developing the courage to be vulnerable, feeling our hurt, can be hard. This is why kindness and compassion, characteristics of my therapeutic approach, are essential for a safe and positive experience – and why I believe clients in therapy should expect nothing less.

It often surprises clients that it is possible to laugh in sessions. I am a great believer in the importance of humour and its power to soothe, de-escalate and re-calibrate perspective. (Of course, humour can also be used to avoid and deflect, and we would look at that together!) 

In our work I am interested in, and encourage you to bring, all of you, and all aspects of your relationship – the light, the dark and everything in between.

The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives.

Esther Perel